Yntegra Group offers services that support the core of our physical trading activities. From the very moment, we identify our clients’ needs; we provide a seamless series of services and manage their commodities buying experience from international sources.

Our services include sourcing commodities, providing efficient and competitive transportation of goods, and offering risk and advisory support. All of these essential services complement each other and are critical to a successful supply chain.

Agricultural Products

Trading bulk agricultural commodities is part of our daily operations. We are actively negotiating a wide range of products, including vegetable oils, grains, sugar, milk, meat, and shrimp. These products are sourced from the world’s largest agricultural production regions in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Metals & Minerals

Yntegra trades refined metals and concentrates sourced mainly from South America, a traditionally critical supplier of raw materials.

Industrial Products

Although Yntegra has only recently entered the industrial supply market, our team has already traded with major industrial facilities in various locations worldwide.

Transportation & Logistics

International physical trading of commodities relies heavily on outstanding logistics. That is why Yntegra Group, through its transportation and logistics network, provides excellence in worldwide freight.

Risk & Advisory Services

Yntegra has created a Risk and Advisory Services Department to identify price risk exposures, tailor products, and structures, secure budgets, and eliminate surprises. Our objective is to mitigate volatility in commodity prices and safeguard profit margins.